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Do Natural Cosmetics really work?

Well the answer is....... not all of them!

We all know that minimising harmful chemicals and toxins on our face is good for us but finding natural cosmetics that perform as well as mainstream cosmetics can sometimes be a costly exercise.  

Being a professional makeup artist and retailing cosmetics, skincare and perfumes for a living, I can be a hard critic on natural brands.  There is no point buying a product just because its natural if it is doesn't perform as it should.  

But.... I'm here to tell you that there are natural brands that are AMAZING !! and are even better than a lot of the mainstream cosmetics.  Just because a product is natural does not mean that it won't be brilliant,  its just a case of sourcing the right brands.  I am constantly on the hunt for natural and safe brands that give amazing results and I will not sell anything that I don't personally love and use! 

Our own range of 100% natural lipsticks are super creamy and hydrating on your lips with beautiful natural pigments.  Beeswax and lanolin both provide a water resistant layer over your lips, keeping your colour on for longer.

I'm here to answer any questions you may have, so don't be shy.


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