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How do we slow down the signs of aging ?

We've all looked at ourselves in the mirror and thought.... "wow I'm starting to look old" or "where did these wrinkles come from?".  The truth is its not much fun when you start to notice these little lines and wrinkles pop up on your face , all of a sudden you start to feel old ! 

Well I'm hear to tell you we can definitely slow these signs of aging down and with the right products even reduce to appearance of the wrinkle and lines we already have.

How? I hear you say..... 

There are a few factors that contribute to our skin aging, the two that we can control is the skins hydration and our sun exposure.  As we age the skin will typically start to dry out when it does this wrinkles and lines start to form.  The rate at which our skin cells renew also slows down, with a lack of new skin cells the signs of aging start to appear.  The suns UVA rays contribute massively to premature aging so protecting our skin from sun damage is a must.  I was told by a professor once that 80% of premature aging is caused by the suns damage, this is a huge percentage and this damage can be prevented.

When looking for anti-aging skin care always look for ingredients that will hydrate the skin, ingredients such as vitamin A, C or Rosehip oil, that will help the skin to regenerate new skin cells, repairing ingredients such as vitamin E and AHA's and always, always, always use an SPF during the day, even if you are not planning on going in the sun.  

By sticking to a consistent skincare regime such as cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night and using an SPF daily,  you most definitely can slow down those pesky signs of aging.  Add in a weekly exfoliation and face mask and you're on to a winner!

Its not always easy to find the time to look after yourself but trust me you will thank yourself in years to come.

Feel free to ask me any skincare questions you have, as a Beauty Therapist I love to help people with their skin concerns.





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