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How to Apply Mineral Powder Foundation

Mineral Foundations can be tricky sometimes, especially if you have dry skin or large open pores but when applied correctly mineral foundation powders have amazing coverage, will feel beautiful and light on the skin and most importantly will let your skin breathe and will not block your pores.

The most important step is the first one, and that is to hydrate the skin underneath really well especially if you have dry skin.  If you have large open pores I definitely recommend using a good primer to smooth the skin first.  Let your skin dry completely before applying the foundation.

Second step is to apply concealer to any areas of concern first before applying the mineral foundation.

Third step, take a small amount of powder into the lid, swirl a kabuki brush into the powder and tap off the excess. Apply in light layers in large circular motions starting at the jawline.  Continue to blend and build the layers until the desired coverage is achieved.  I like a medium to full cover and I will apply three light layers to my face.

Take the time to blend the foundation in well with the kabuki brush, as you brush in circular motions the skin will heat up this helps the foundation to blend flawlessly.  Don't rush this part.  

Not all mineral foundation powders are the same and it has taken awhile for me to find one that I love.  I am so happy to share one of my favourite small Aussie brands with you.  The Talavou mineral foundation powders are toxin free, water resistant, contain no nano particles or fillers and are 100% vegan.




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