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How to give your Foundation a Flawless Finish.

I often get asked.......... How do I get flawless looking foundation?

Lets face it most of us are wearing foundation because we are trying to hide some sort of skin concern, such as large pores (yep this one is me), acne, pigmentation, wrinkles or fine lines.  

Being a make up artist and applying foundation to so many different faces, there is one little trick that seems to work for everyone.  I apply a liquid foundation in dots over the face, then take a short bristle contouring brush and blend out the foundation in quick small circular motions.  Make sure you are slightly pressing into the face as you go, this pushes your foundation into your pores and wrinkles/lines,  temporarily filling them in.  This gives your skin a blurred look, giving an illusion of smaller pores and less noticeable wrinkles or lines. 

Lastly use a slightly dampened beauty blender and gently push and roll the blender over the face, this helps to flatten the small hairs on the face and generally smooth the foundation over.  This step can be applied before and after applying your finishing powder, if using one.

I never use traditional foundation brushes, as they always leave the foundation streaky.  The short contouring brushes are amazing for blending either liquid or powder foundation along with their intended use of contouring and highlighting.  One brush with so many uses, gotta love that !

I'm here to help, so if you have any make up or skincare questions don't hesitate to ask.


Contouring/Foundation Brush $12

Beauty Blender $5



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  • Great advice! I will definitely try these tips. My skin is ageing and I find it tough to get that flawless finish. I will try the smaller brush and beauty blender and see how that goes. Keep the advice coming!


  • Excellent blog… thanks for sharing your tricks of the trade Kristy! :)

    Julie Collett

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