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Making The Switch to Natural Cosmetics

It can be so overwhelming when you start looking at the ingredients in your current cosmetics.... you may be thinking 'where do I start ?' or 'what should I look for ?'

Well, for me I started with my foundation and lipsticks.  My skin can get so oily in the summer and I found most foundations made my skin feel blocked or felt heavy and slimy on my skin. I noticed when I just used mineral powders alone my skin slowed down with the oil production and felt so much cleaner through out the day, the only problem was finding the right one so I had enough coverage and no 'cakey' look to my skin. I am someone who loves full coverage foundation so I can tell you this has been a slow journey with a lot of trial and error.  I have finally found my favourite mineral powder and this beautiful brand with be added into the Luminous Beauty family very this space.

My makeup bag is slowly converting over to natural brands but I'm definitely not there yet, the important thing is that I have made a start in my natural beauty journey. Luminous Beauty Cosmetics is on this journey with me, as I find amazing products I can't live without you will hear all about it and they will be added to our ever growing store.

For me personally, I believe its so important to look for products that are as natural as possible, toxin -free, Australian made, cruelty free and organic.  I love nothing more than finding amazing small beauty businesses that I can support by using their products on myself and my family and by stocking their products at Luminous Beauty Cosmetics.  


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